The Diary of a Normal Guy

How I Missed Today’s Dose of Vitamin D

Today when I got down my building in my Homer Simpson pajamas, I saw the most extraordinary thing…

How I Stuck to a Carrot-Orange Diet

Many times I have witnessed microscopic insects drop feces on the face of this planet, but I have never seen a spider…

I always feel fresh as a daisy when my day ends. Not today though. It was a long & exhausting day. Today I had over-over-overslept, that's why I was dead tired. So I decided to treat myself by taking a short nap; only after I rested for a little while in a hammock.

How I Planned My Day
How I Saved This World From Total Blackout

I had slept the whole day. And I was not planning on getting up in a dozen more hours or so. But fate had other plans…

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